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Reach 5,000+ Small Business Owners With Every Interview

The Small Business Podcast offers a truly unique method of reaching a highly-affluent, tech-savvy small business community. Perfect for promoting your service for entrepreneurs or any other company looking for a unique and effective way to gain repeated exposure to small business decision makers.

Sponsorship of an interview includes:

  • product or service mention by interview host at beginning and end of interview
  • your company logo and hotlink on home page
  • text hotlink in "presented by" area of interview display block
  • text hotlink in podcast RSS feed
  • your company logo in podcast RSS feed
  • your logo displayed in iTunes as show is being played
  • your company logo & text hotlink in weekly email newsletter
  • your company logo hotlink in Windows Media Player window
  • your company website in RealPlayer window
  • archive of your sponsored interview for at least one year with text hotlink and logo

    A question you may be asking...How will sponsoring The Small Business Podcast help me grow my business?

    A: The answer is simple. Podcasting and online audio is a newer medium that gets results. Audio advertising combined with traditional banner ad and text ad impressions is a winning combination that brings your company more clicks, leads and new business. Listeners of the Small Business Podcast are a high-net worth bunch that make decisions based on trust. The Small Business Podcast has built that trust with it's listeners by providing great content. Because only one commercial is featured in each interview, listeners are not "tuning out" like they would during a 10-minute commercial break on FM or AM radio or ignoring your banner buried in a sidebar.

    Each daily interview is listened to by an average of 3,500 listeners on the first day and on average another 5,000 times after it is moved into the archives. 85% of those listeners listen to the interview in it's entirety because we limit the length of each interview to 12-15 minutes. Visitors to the site listen to an average of 3 interviews on each visit.

    Over 5,000 unique listeners tune into The Small Business Podcast each month and that number is growing. Many return day in and day out to hear the new daily interview - resulting in repeated exposure for your brand to a highly targeted audience when you purchase several interviews in a row - a critical component of advertising success.

    Ready to let us boost your sales today?

    Call Tim Bourquin at 800-485-0422 ext. 15 (+1-949-348-2590 outside North America)